Welcome to BeingSkilled™

Welcome to BeingSkilled™
BeingSkilled is India's largest educational portal focusing on education and career counselling.
BeingSkilled serves students of schools, colleges and young as well as seasoned working professionals, and provides professional services in the skill development and career guidance space. Unbiased personalised Career Counselling is need of India’s youth which often they don’t get on timely basis leading to loss of precious time which could have well spent in upskilling, more academic achievements of work experience. We aim to provide information about all the career opportunities whether to take new courses or get a new job thus the aspirant don’t have to waste time and can get started with things which matter. 
According to Nasscom ( India’s Software Industry’s governing body ), 80% of fresh graduates are unemployable because they lack necessary skills. That can be the reason behind massive unemployment rate among the early 20s segment and fresh graduates. To make them employable, BeingSkilled has wide array of free as well paid courses which increases the employability of the aspirants and therefore greater chances of getting employed will be there. 
BeingSkilled is having massive Information bank which helps students to get information of just about every field of study be it engineering or legal or even science students, BeingSkilled serves every student alike. 
We rate colleges, schools, coaching institutions on different parameters which helps students to take informed decision about their next big step. That helps a lot in clearing the expectation from the side of student. 
We provide information about entrance exams/ competitive exams so that students stays informed about the exams which can transform their academic lives. They can subscribe to the exams so that regular notifications can be received by them so that they don’t miss any opportunity. 
The information we provide is based on in-depth research and backed by authenticated data. 

Following are the services we offer :-

1. Digital Education - Cost effective education is provided by utilizing multi-media to assist different cognitive senses in capturing the essence of educational content.

2. Corporate Trainings - We offer trainings in multiple domains ( currently : Linux Server Administration & Web Development ).

3. Online Assessments -  For analysizing the depth of knowledge of assessee and therefore, to work upon their skills leading to mastery of the skill.

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