What are Promotions?


What are Promotions? 


Promotion involves disseminating information about a product line, company, company or a its product. It is one of the four key aspects of the marketing mix.

To efficiently generate sales, benefits of the product should be communicated to customers. This is called promotions.

Objectives for promotion are:

1.     Build awareness about the product.

2.     Generate interest for the product

3.     Share Product’s details

4.     Stimulate demand by offering offers

5.     Reinforce the brand in minds of target audience


Factors which we consider for selecting the promotion mix are:

1.     Nature of the product market

2.     Overall marketing strategy

3.     Buyer readiness stage

4.     Product life cycle stage



There are different types of Promote which are as follows:

1.     Business Cards

2.     Press Releases

3.     Digital Marketing

a.     Social Media Marketing

b.     SEO / Search Engine Marketing

4.     Direct Marketing

5.     Advertising – It is the paid promotion.

6.     Guerrilla marketing

7.     Product placement


Promotional mix for “Green Chai” :


Since Green Chai’s prospective customer are:

1.     Health Conscious

2.     Aged 22 and above

3.     Beauty conscious

We need to identify the marketing channels where we will find them.


According to Gartner Report, about 70% of Urban Indian Youth ( 15 – 50 years old ) are on Internet.

Which means that we can opt for:

1.     Social Media Campaigns – Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have millions of Indian youth which can be targeted.

a.Paid campaigns will be run which lets us decide the geography, demographics like gender, age and also the interests. For example: If we want to target Females aged 25-35 years from Delhi having interest in Yoga, Meditation or workout, travel then they will be targeted in our paid campaigns. Facebook, Twitter will help us reach out to them effortlessly.

b.     This helps us promote our message to vast amount of targeted audience from exactly the geographies we are targeting.

c.      This will provide us maximum return of investment.

2.     Press Releases – When we will create a Press Release of the launch of the product while listing down all the benefits of Green Chai and how healthy it is for busy professionals then chances of it getting published on Newsletters, Newspapers, Health Magazines are higher which will be free of cost and will lead to huge interest.

3.     Direct Marketing – Companies can be reached out for sharing the product’s details and how it can make their workforce healthier. Also Health Camps can be arranged in residential societies which will be ideal place to promote the Green Chai by giving a session on benefits of Green Tea.

4.     Sales Promotion – Product samples can be distributed at major chemist shop outlets, Quiz Contests can be organized at shopping malls which will create more awareness about the product’s benefits.

5.     Sponsorship – Brand will sponsor Old Age Care events, Marathon races which will create brand awareness and eventually people will start recognizing the product and will purchase it eventually.

If all the activities of Promotional mix are done simultaneously then it will create major impact as everywhere the targeted audience will see the product which will reinforce the brand’s image in the memory.