What are the Disadvantages of Job Enlargement?


What are the Disadvantages of Job Enlargement?



  1. Results in higher costs as training is costly. Also since it includes the paid time, the organization invests double. There is huge opportunity cost associated as while the employee is paid during the time of training, they are not producing any output.

  2. Productivity is hampered as same resource performs multiple tasks.

  3. Redesigning existing work system required which requires huge time

    expenditure of important resources. The costs of theirs might be more

    than the savings which could have gained after the reprocessing.

  4. Workload on the person increases and eventually they start struggling with it which will result to demotivation and their performance might

    reduce. Also their work life balance will get disturbed due to which

    they wont be able to concentrate on work which can lead to accidents.

  5. If the additional tasks are not of liking of the employee then the job will eventually become a burden and boring and the same loop will

    begin again.

  6. Trade union may consider the job enlargement as a bad behavior and

    may act against the orders of the organization.

  7. Conflicts with non-participants – Since not everyone will be

    undertaken the job rotation, people who are taken and who are not, might clash which will lead to disgruntled employees and may have bitter attitude towards the management.

Since more work is done by employees, they might demand higher wage which if denied can lead to disagreements between the organization and unions