What are the Disadvantage of the Job Rotation?


What are the Disadvantage of the Job Rotation?


  1. New employees might face problem in switching to new role as it will require new learning while the candidate is not well equipped to handle that.

  2. Productivity may reduce as the new job role will be new for the employee.

  3. Supervisors will spend more time with employee as employee might need guidance.

  4. Can be demotivating for employees who have developed comfort in the earlier job role.

  5. Frequent interruption between the work can happen as for example when A person is doing a particular job and he gets comfortable doing it and suddenly shifted to another job or department, it will interrupt the work in both departments.

  6. When production is critical, this can lead to business losses and even the product quality might not be good which can lead to rejections.

  7. Since all the fellow employees will be new everytime the job is rotated, no good bonding will happen. Adjustments with new set of people everytime will be hard.

  8. Since the performance of the person will not meet the expectation of oneself as well as the boss, there will be dissatisfaction, anxiety and stress.

  9. Gestation period- Everyone takes minimum gestation period to get acquainted with certain work and during that time there will be zero results.

  10. One of the misconceptions around the Job rotation is that it is quite easy to design as it is not. The two works ideally should be similar as if they wont be then there will be huge time and capital which will be invested and no fruitful results will be gained.

  11. Employees might oppose the Job Rotation altogether as while you have the good intentions, employees might feel that it is just waste of time and they might not be able to master their core skill and which they might forget over time.