What are the benefits of Human Resource Planning?


What are the benefits of Human Resource Planning?


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Benefits of Human Resource Planning which can be shared by Rohan are:

  1. To meet up Human Resource requirements of the organization – Every

    organization requires personnel which have desired skills, knowledge and relevant experience. This requirement both present as well as future can be fulfilled efficiently through proper HR planning. It assists in defining the quantity off Human resource required. It builds the reservoir of required human resources for future usage.

  2. Right resources to mitigate risks – Right people are placed at right job at the right time which helps organization tackle various risks of business such as lack of resources, change in technology, recession, etc.

  3. HRP manages the demand and supply – Since there will be changes in demand and supply of the human resources, instances of surplus as well as shortage will be anticipated and managed as both situations can lead to potential losses.

  4. HRP identifies best resources – In organizations, there has to be resources which can work under challenging situations for example during expansion, employees will have to work for additional hours. HRP helps in identifying top performers.

  5. HRP empowers human resources – Every employee has some motivation to stay in the job. While some wants to grow in their career, some wants to earn more. HRP serves all these needs through regular promotions, transfers, appraisals.

  6. Budgeting – It is essential to budget different expenses such as salaries and benefits offered to employees. HRP helps in preparing the budgeting and costing of human resources.

  7. Training and Development of Employees – In this information age, every resource is important and to gain maximum productivity out of them, regular training programmes are organized which will be beneficial for the projects they are on.

  8. Trimming the surplus workforce – There will be times when some functions are redundant in the organization and resources of those are either mapped to other functions or they are laid off the organization.