POP Ltd. is a leading FMCG company where recently it has been discovered through an initiative taken towards organisational development by the HR department with the help of a third party survey that the employees are really demotivated. The employee morale has also found to be very low. The third party has recommended to come up with job designs to fight monotony and demotivation.

a) What approaches can be used in POP Ltd towards job design? List all the approaches and discuss any two.  



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In Job design we specify and arrange the work activities of individuals or groups in an organisational setting. The main objective of job design is to establish job structures in a manner that they meet the organisation’s requirements as well as personal and individual needs of jobholders.

Following are the decisions undertaken while designing a job:

  1. Who – It is targeted at people who will be performing jobs in the organization.

  2. What – Decisions which are related to type of tasks that will be performed so

    that organizational’s goals and objectives can be met.

  3. Where – Deciding the location where the jobs will be performed.

  4. When – Decisions related to the time when tasks will be performed

  5. Why – We identify the rationale and objectives of jobs which will be

    performed by the employees.

Process of Job Design:

Assessing existing work practi

Analysing tasks

Designing jobs

Revaluating job design


Different approaches which can be used in POP Ltd towards the Job Design are:

Job Enlargement

Job Enrichment

Job SimpliCication

  • Job Rotation
    o It involves shifting an employee from one job to another so that variety

    can be added to the job role and monotony in the job can be controlled.

  • Job Enlargement –
    o This includes expanding the scope of a job with addition of some more

    tasks and duties. This makes job challenging and learning, career

    growth is faster.

  • Job Enrichment –
    o In this, employees are given opportunities to use their abilities by

    participating in the decision making process of the organization.

  • Job Simplification
    o The job role is broken into smaller tasks to make the job easier and


    Two detailed approaches to Job Design are:

1. Job Rotation

  1. It enables employees to bring out their creative instincts and maximum potential.

  2. It is the approach to substitute “one zero for another zero”.

  3. Different tasks every week or month makes job interesting for the

    employee and also they acquire new skill.

  4. Business owners and operating officers at times use a rotation plan so

    that everyone becomes familiar with different aspect of the business.


Job Rotation


  1. Jobs which involves physical labor, Job rotation may be used to avoid over stressing the workers as the repetitive use of same muscles can be hazardous.

  2. Advantages of Job Rotation are:

    1. Employees get more experienced and they eventually develop wide skills as different kinds of jobs are provided.

    2. Boredom from the job is reduced as no repeative tasks are present.

    3. The job rotation is used as a training tool for fresh as well as inexperienced employees.

    4. Employees become more responsible.

    5. Lets management gauge core skills and actual potential of the


    6. This helps in avoiding monopoly of job as employees will learn

      new things and enjoy his job more without any additional


    7. This helps in avoiding fraudulent practice – Employees when

      employed in particular department for long time, can learn different loop holes of the organization and as a result there rises a vulnerability. To tackle that, Job rotation is a best tool. It also prevents them forming solid relationship with fellow employees as that can lead to leaving of organization to start their own business which will act as the competitor to their organization.

2. Job Enlargement

  1. A way to expand the scope of job as more tasks, responsibilities are added to the job role.

  2. Lets people decide what all tasks are good for them or let them organize the tasks by themselves.

  3. Allows more social contacts and control over the work process.

  4. It makes existing job profiles more appealing as there are more

    responsibilities associated.

  5. Advantages of Job Enlargement –

    1. It boosts job satisfaction and also adds diversity to the jobs which makes it lucrative for employees.

    2. Knowledge base is increased as more responsibilities are handled.

    3. Employees expand their skill set and can perform multiple jobs simultaneously.