• Assume you are starting a new company “Indian Tourister” which will deal with manufacturing and selling of Bags of all types i.e. Hand Bags, Purse, Slings, Luggage Bag, Back packs, etc. The company will sell the bags of all sizes and will target male and female. The bags will be available online as well as company owned retail outlets. Frame the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Plans and Policies of the organisation “Indian Tourister”. 
  • From the case above answer the following question:
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis for “Indian Tourister”


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SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is widely used to summarise a company’s current position.

Every organization takes some kind of strategic decision and they heavily rely on SWOT analysis for that.

Strengths are activities in which the company possess strength and is good at doing. Weaknesses are where the company lacks or does poorly.
Opportunities are major favorable situation in the environment of organization. Threats are unfavorable situation which can be bad for the organization.

SWOT Analysis for “Indian Tourister” is as follows:

1. Strengths of Indian Tourister –

  1. The machineries are indigenously designed and have very good finishing.

  2. The workers have been working for 20 years and are highly skilled in preparing the Hand Bags and all kinds of bags.

  3. The material we use is patented, is strong and highly reliable which is mix of cotton and nylon and has great strength.

  4. Wide range of products makes us an one stop shop for all Bags related purchase.

  5. Two strategically placed showrooms will increase the brand awareness.

  6. Online platform developed for selling will drive business from global audience.

  7. Footwear designers are from NIFT and Parsons so they are the best. This will bring us free press release.

  8. Superior quality product with zero defect guarantee.

  9. Efficient manufacturing facility

  10. Selling products directly to the customers

  11. Keeping costs below the competitors

  12. Low Advertisement costs.

  13. Higher responsiveness to customer demands

  14. Frequent feedback is taken from the customers to improve the


2. Weaknesses

  1. Being a startup, we don’t have much funds to market at phenomenal rate.

  2. Not many employees who can do active sales.

  3. Higher prices as compared to other brands.

  4. Low brand awareness so people might not come to our showroom by


  5. No presence in different cities.

  6. No partnerships with large retailers

3. Opportunities

  1. Global USD 10 Billion Bags Industry

  2. Indian designs are hit in International Market so good export


  3. Digitally enabled bags which can be located through GPS will prevent

    baggage loss and it is demanded by people.

  4. Powerbag luggage which will have built-in battery to recharge

    electronic devices.

  5. Penetration in rural areas as more people are traveling and moving to

    urban areas.

  6. Faux leather demand has risen among the customers.

4. Threats

  1. Competition from companies like VIP, American Tourister which are in same segment and are huge in size.

  2. Heavy discounts offered by competitors can be fatal.

  3. New emerging competition in premium segment.

d. Heavy discounts on e-commerce websites is taking away profits.