Launch of BeingSkilled™ Writer's Lounge

As they say, A writer is within all of us, hiding somewhere deep, finding a place of its own. Spread your words among thousands of people just like you, finding a writer just like you.

Find your own audience by writing for them, winning their hearts and minds.

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BeingSkilled’s Writers Lounge will:

1. Let you Publish your Poems / Blogs / Articles / Story/ Research online on its Writer’s Lounge.
2. Let you Share the Write up on Social Media Platforms
3. Bring diverse audience to your Write up, let them rate your content / share their feedback.
4. Author’s “About Me” will be displayed next to the write up, who can be contacted by audience for business / fan enquiries.
5. Makes content decently hard to copy ( by 3rd Party ) - Complete content will be visible only to registered users.

and start writing.

Contact us if you face any problem or if you have any suggestion to make it better.

Happy Writing!!