Introduction to GIMP

Gimp - Most powerful alternative Photo Editor to Photoshop & best part is, it’s absolutely free.

Gimp is an Open Source Image editing / Photo editor software which is acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Gimp is far more powerful Photo Editor than any other Photo Editor software, be it Paint in Windows ( installed by default ) or Inkscape in Linux ( no image editing software installed by default in Ubuntu / Fedora ) neither does OS X has one .

Operating Systems are normally aren’t shipped with any good photo editing softwares, while having “photo editor” becomes necessity at times.

When you don’t have hundreds of dollars to purchase “photo editor” then photo editor softwares like Gimp becomes a blessing.

So how to download Gimp ?

Watch following video to learn the steps involved in Downloading :-

How to learn Gimp ?

Below is the Playlist of Gimp tutorials, below below on “Watch all” and you watch all the videos of the Playlist. You will become expert of Gimp in no time.

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