Important Questions for Exams/ Certifications

POP Ltd. is a leading FMCG company where recently it has been discovered through an initiative taken towards organisational development by the HR department with the help of a third party survey that the employees are really demotivated. The employee mora

The world is changing and globalization has a big role to play in the same. Does this changing world has also changed the way individuals are recruited and selected. Discuss, compare and contrast any two modern and two traditional recruitment and selectio

Rohan works as a Sr. Executive in HR department of a construction company. It has been a practice in his organisation that whenever there is a shortfall of human resources a mail would arrive from the SBU head expressing a need for immediate recruitment.

* Assume you are starting a new company “Indian Tourister” which will deal with manufacturing and selling of Bags of all types i.e. Hand Bags, Purse, Slings, Luggage Bag, Back packs, etc. The company will sell the bags of all sizes and will target male a