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Aarti K
[Archived] Operation Management

please give some hints on Q3.


Were can I study corners method ..and other methods for calculating transportation cost..if there is any online website pls share the link

Milan Mehta

Shared three link in Whatsapp group

Saurabh Lokhande

We have a Whats app group for PGDBM? Can you add me in it? My number is 8149397903. Thanks

Milan Mehta

Yes Shibani. You are right. But i think Mukulji have given page number reference of PDF file where we enter the number.

Mukul Kumar Garg

Q1: See pg 127-128 of the book chap 4 for the first part.
For second part search net. Look for Tata, Hyundai, Tata Nano layouts. These are mostly cellular.
Q2: Discuss transportation models. Also given in the book. The session 2 PPT Slides 40-51 are more handy.
Apply Vogel's Method for IBFS. You will cost Rs. 35100/-. Then apply Stepping Stone method. There's no change. It means Rs. 35,100/- is optimal cost also.
Q3a: Discussion only. Identify some industries that pollute environment more.
Q3b: Discuss environment protection act and relevant provisions. Also discuss UN initiatives, Kyoto protocol etc. Relate environment protection to sustainability as you have seen while studying CSR.

Shibani Das

Thanks for the help Mukul. Just a small correction. Q1 first part will be from page 122. The benefits of a well planned facility lay out 

Saurabh Lokhande

Thanks Kishor. My answer is also matching 35100. 

Abhishek Arora

I will check again,my answer is 26100 for Q2

Kishor shinde

Q2. Answer is 35100. Use Excel. solver to get optimum cost of transportation.

Saurabh Lokhande

For 3a. you need to refer online for aspects in production.

3b. refer to point 6.2.2 and elaborate the same point.

Can you help me with Q2 about transportation cost. Do we have to calcualte optimum transport cost? and also do we have to explain each iteration or step in it?