Introduction - CSS3 #1.1

After you get acquainted with HTML, you should learn about CSS to learn to style your webpage. The goal of the HTML is to specify the content of your webpage while the goal of CSS is to style your web page.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The full form gives an idea about it. A CSS file is a style sheet that specifies the style used by different elements. Some examples of properties of the elements that can be changed are margin, padding, color, font, and background-image.

Variables - Python Programming Basics #1.3

Programming is all about problem-solving. We store information, make the information go under some kind of process and then expect some kind of result as the outcome.

So, let's learn to program by making a program that will greet the person who provides his/her name.

Open IDLE or your preferred text editor linked with Python.

The flow of the program will be the following:

Introduction - Python Programming Basics #1.1

Python is a powerful programming language created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It has gone through massive changes and has been a popular choice among programmers for development.

Python is beginner-friendly and allows one to quickly get started with programming while still providing powerful features and ways for complex programs.

Setup and Drawing Lines - Creative Coding with p5.js #1.2

In p5.js, there are two main functions with which you do your work.

  1. The setup function. It runs just once. It is used to create the canvas, set up variables and essential settings for your p5js sketch.
  2. The draw function runs repeatedly and therefore is used to draw on the canvas.

With p5.js, we are drawing everything on an HTML5 canvas. So, to create it, call the createCanvas function in the setup function. 

Introduction - Creative Coding with p5.js #1.1

Creative Coding! Yes, Creative Coding. What is it?

Creative coding is an amazing way to apply programming skills to create something visually stunning rather than making a program to compute something or making regular software. With the power of code, you can make precise, unique, interactive and dynamic artworks that can't be produced by using traditional means of creating art.