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How to create a new database in MySql Server and How to create a table inside the database?

To create a new database in your MySql Server, following is the general syntax:

CREATE DATABASE <database_name>;

For example:


The above expression, creates a Database of the name Students in your MySql DBMS (Database Management System). 


Similarly, to create a new table, you will have to following the following expression:

Select data in decreasing order from a table - SQL/ MySQL Tutorial

At times you would like to pull the data from your SQL/ MySQL table in decreasing order. How will you achieve that?

Use ORDER BY Clause to achieve that. 

General Syntax would be:

SELECT * from <TABLE_NAME> ORDER BY <COLUMN NAME> <Either leave it blank to have sorted in ascending order or Type DESC for sorting in decreasing order. 

Example Query:

select * from tablename ORDER BY volume_total desc;