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Python - How to print in same line in Python 3.x? - With example code

While coding in python, you will  end up using print function a lot. When you will be running  loops, you will be using print() function and many of the times you will see the outputs getting printed in new lines. 
While printing output in new lines would keep everything clean, at times you would want to  print  the output in same line.
In that scenario, you have to use print function as follows:
print(ANY VAR,end="")

Excel Conditional Formatting based on Another Cell's Value - Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Whenever you want to do conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel, it has to be dependent on any cell's value. What if excel conditional formatting being done is based on another cell's value? How to make it a possibility?

How to format your storage device/ hard drive on your MacBook devices following the correct way?

If you are planning to format your Hard Disk or any other storage device, Always choose the format - Extended, Journaled but never the Case sensitive mode as 100 folds complexities will be instantly added to your life and the files in the drive as moving them would become a pain.
Check out the video to know how and why.