How to kickstart your journey of blogging?

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Blogging is the activity of writing blog posts. A blog is an informational website containing multiple posts in diary style format. Typically blogs are either about any niche / topic or it can be a personal blog full of diaries / memories.

Blogs can have text, images, videos. These days Video Blogging ( Vlogging ) is a buzzing trend among youngsters and they keep on sharing what’s happening in the lives in the video format and they share it on platforms like Instagram, YouTube.
You can kickstart your journey of blogging by using any of the following free portals:
  • Wordpress - It is one of the largest blogging platforms in the world - hosting about 30% of all the websites on internet. Isn’t that massive? All you have to do is visit and sign up there for free and start your blog in seconds.
  • Blogger - This is the blogging platform by Google and indeed it is one of the most popular platforms among google users as you are already having google account so no need for separate sign in / account. Visit for it.

While the Wordpress and Blogger easily capture 80% of the blogging websites - you can try other platforms like which is emerging blogging platform. Also there is which used to be pretty famous among teens during ~2010.
Specifically for images there is instagram as the blogging platform while for videos there is youtube as the vlogging platform.
It would be great if you try experimenting with all kinds of medias ( text / pictures only / videos only / mix of all ) so that you find your comfort zone early on and eventually you will become a rockstar blogger.
The world of blogging and internet is evolving and changing rapidly and therefore we gotta pick up the pace and learn fast in order to start our journey of blogging and marketing.
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