When your heart is sad - A poem by Bhawna Rana

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When your heart is sad , what successes do you have to boast?

memories sweet or sour haunt you like a ghost.

You hold on to them tight,

when life seems no more than breathing day and night.

Where did the meaning of life slip away?

nothing to look forward to each day,

the heart refuses to be thrilled , try as you may.

You falter , stumble and desperately look for a helping hand,

someone to cross the desert out of scroching sand.

Suddenly a smile meets your face,

touches the heart at its very base.

Life no longer seems dreary and dull,

there is music after a lull.

All goals seem reachable,

joys of life preachable.

solution to every problem exists,

as long as the smile in your heart exists,

Life may torment or trouble , but you persist,

as the joy in your heart is enough to subsist...!!


By: Bhawna Rana

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