What is happening to you?

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Alice goes down the rabbit hole and the fun begins…

When we are kids, we play-the integral part of our lives, one thing without which the day, the thought, the talks are incomplete. Our thoughts begin and end with that word- play. Live like a simpleton. All play , no work. With only a hint of trivial worries-curfew at home, homework, test the next day at school, what’s for dinner tonight…

We play, forgetting anything else. That boundary of the ground is also our mental boundary which along with our physical self also binds our total attention-our main focus. At that time nothing else exists, besides the ball, that is. We can be late for our school bus, but never for reaching the park on time. Everyday, we play and have fun. Play…

But then we start to grow up and life begins to happen to us. It affects us both, mentally and physically. We start to forget our basic selves and become ready to spread our new butterfly-wings. We think happiness awaits outside the binding cocoon. Ready with the tools with politics, manipulation; we forget our most cherished activity – to want to play, have fun and  most of all: think nothing further. New boundaries are set up, new trivial thoughts are born to replace the older ‘impractical and immature ones’. But this is not the real/true reason for our inability to play.

As we grow up, the mere play is not the same to us anymore. The playing ‘tactics’ come into play. Evolution is a relative term. We cannot take anyone at the face value. Who would accept their turn to catch now, who will readily go out of the play area and wait for their turn? Tag but who is it?!? Who will believe we are saying the truth about not being out? And who would wanna be crushed by believing, showing weakness.

Yes, we grow old…we wake up, apparently, to life. What happens to us? Do you ask?  If you don’t: you are very successful in life and don’t need to know or you are happy-go-lucky or you go with the flow etc, etc… But in case you do ask- Here  is the answer for you: - LIFE IS HAPPENING TO YOU! Alice is awake . . . !


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