TRUTH - A poem

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Always on my own but was thought, not.

Uncontented inside, misunderstanding I got.

Ultimately lost in my own thoughts, I thrived.

Wandering along reality, to the phase I liked.

Slowly the life altered its take, thrusting promises I never made.

Upon my indiscernible shoulders, turning the bright stage into a darker shade.

Doing my best, thought I, at a fastidious time.

Amidst all chaos, being me: is that a crime?

The moment bit, faced it with a smile. Hemorrhaging inside.

Secretly wanting a release, a mask, a shelter to hide.

With a screaming heart, not wanting to rot,

I race my destiny: being different certainly cost me a lot.

I’m on my own now, but for how long? I ask sighing…

Truth. Just that simple, just that terrifying.



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