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It is true that every great success story comes up with a lot of hard work and struggle. While writing on this, I came across a lot of Award-winning authors and their rejection stories. I have listed one or two instances for you-

1. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected by 12 publisher before it a publisher’s daughter took interest in it. Harry Potter franchise is worth $15 billion.

2. Robert M. Pirsig faced 121 rejections before his book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance became America’s cultural icon.

As we have travelled a long way ahead in time things have changed, we are now living in the era of internet. With the increasing use of Internet across the global, things have now become easy for us. With the advancement of e-commerce platform moreover, with the introduction of self publishing platform even publishing has moved a step ahead.

Self publishing is the type of book publishing without the help of established publisher. In this kind of publishing only the author has control over various parameters such as- its design, cover, editing, marketing etc. Self publishing is not limited to the physical publishing of book, E-books, brochures are a part of it too. While researching more about the self publishing method on internet, I came across a phrase-

“Don’t wait for being chosen. Choose Yourself”

The Phrase describes the power of self publishing platform. It has come up as a big relief for the newbie in the field of writing, as they face a lot of rejection in their initial struggle phase and end up giving up on writing. Besides this, Self publishing has more of advantages associated with it-

1. It provides the creative independence to the writer from design, cover to the editing of the book unlike tradition publishing where authors sometimes have to compromise with such things.

2. Self publishing platform is quicker as compared to traditional publishing platform as it usually takes months and sometimes years for a book to publish in latter publishing method.

3. There may be the case that publishing agencies may ask for the advance back owing to the no sale of the book in the market.

4. With the introduction of POD (Publish on Demand) concept, it has given independence to authors to publish their book only on demand and prevent them from the stakes of unsold books.

5. The use Internet has increased a lot lately, according to a survey more than 3 billion user use internet daily. Hence, it becomes easy for an author to garner readers for the book.

Now, Coming on to various Self publishing platform available online:

1. The most popular self publishing network widely used all over the globe is Amazon Kindle direct Publishing. It makes books available as e-books in Amazon Bookstore for readers. It has also incorporated the feature of POD for publishing on the demand of a book.

As Amazon itself is a widely used e-commerce platform across the globe hence, it is one such useful platform for newbie to start their author’s journey with it. Moreover, this self publishing for authors is free of cost.

2. Amazon KDP is undoubtedly the most popular self publishing platform used lately but it gets often difficult to upload photograph rich book on it, In order to overcome this setback of Apple Corporation introduced its self publishing tool and named it as iBook Author.

3. CreateSpace is another most popular self publishing platform widely used by the author. It provide the facility of Print on demand for the reader moreover, booksellers can purchase any large quantity of books in the retail price from it.

I have listed the Top three widely used self publishing tools, whereas there are many more available online to explore such as- Kobo Writing Life (KWL),    Noke press, Smash Words, Lulu, Book Baby, Book Tango.

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