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I was at foreign land when I got the notification from the Times of India APP about the news of scrapping of 500 and 1000 denomination. I ignored the news at first glance thinking it to be some kind of social humor but it wasn't as my WA gets flooded with the similar news. So I decided to check it in the app as it was only medium I can access and found that India's PM, Mr. Modiji, has announced and implemented as Midnight stroke (Just like our independence)

After going through each and every word in the app, I checked how much such denomination I have and what shall I do. It was not much and also deadline is 60 days which makes me relaxed.

once I was back in India after some days, I constantly following all the news channel and information from the app, about it.  I got a mixed review about this big move of demonetization either through listening from common man or news channels.

This is one of the most important decisions which has the capacity to either make or break India and its future.  Economist or Financial analyst across the globe are also not sure how this can have turned out be as economic situation across the globe is very unpredictable. (BREXIT, US election, Oil)

Since the announcement has been made, People are making huge queue outside the banks for an exchange and queue is never getting shorter at any time of the day. I can clearly see the pain of suffering on the face of people at queue but when I asked about it, they are bit happy to suffer saying that if this can bring black money out or destroy the black money.

The opposition is trying to stop working on houses so that the step can be revoked. but as an individual, I believe that if that happened it is the common man who has to suffer once again by standing in those long queues outside banks and post offices.

Many surveys suggests that Indian people are supporting this move even though they are not aware of the end result (good or Bad) of it. As an individual, I am also thinking that if the move doesn’t help in bringing out the black money or destroy the black money, why not change the look and feel of the currency.  Let’s give this move a chance to showcase its result. If no result comes out, decide not to bring current government back to the power in next center’s election.

Let's look into the ways of making things easier rather just creating scene in nation capital

Form a group and help people who are standing at queue, with drinking water, tea, and snacks

Divide the working hours according to the age of people, as retired senior citizen can exchange during the noon time   and weekend will be given to the salaried people so that they don't need to take a day off.

All IT enabled people, make a workshop near your area, displaying how can they use online ways of the transaction. Make them aware of it uses and how can it benefit them in long run. By doing so, we are making sure of the regular working of a business and digitize India.

All online players, kindly waive of delivery charges for necessary items irrespective of its value, for some time till everything’s gets normal again.

State Government should play an important role over here by introducing many ways of exchange so to make life easy for people. Also, this will help the state government to get back the trust of people.

Every big Indian MNC should come front and take up the certain responsibility so to make people can exchange with very fewer problems and difficulties. This is nothing but your social responsibility.

As an Individual, if you have lower denomination, exchange it with senior citizen people, so that they don't have to stand in those queues

                           Let’s make our future by what we do today and  not what we creep today.

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