Linux is an operating system kernal which powers tens of millions of devices in the world. Devices can be your desktop PCs, Laptops, Mobile phones, Electronic appliances such as Microwave oven, Refrigerator, etc. 

There are many Linux based operating systems such as Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Mint Linux, etc. 


Tableau is an enterprise level Data visualisation software which is used by major Fortune 500 and large firms. Tableau is extremely powerful that can handle millions of rows and GBs of data scrattered across multiple data sources efficiently.


Python is an open source, free programming language that powers millions of web applications and websites, leading of them being Reddit, YouTube, etc.


Digikam is a free, open source image and videos manager software which is freely available for window, macOS and linux based Operating Systems such as Ubuntu, Fedore, Mint, Debian, etc. 

DigiKam is an extremely powerful software which can catalogue thousands of images and videos extremely efficiently, therefore is great for professional as well as hobbist photographers, videographers and anyone who loves to hoard huge amount of images and videos. 

Some of the Key benefits of using DigiKam are:

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet software by Microsoft which is being used by millions of users worldwide. It is the most featureful spreadsheet software that supports over hundred of functions, has ability to automate tasks through Macros, Visualise numbers in form of Pie-charts, graphs, etc. 

Microsoft Excel is a paid software which costs about $50-100 per user, which can be a lot for many, therefore people at times opt for free alternatives such as LibreOffice/ OpenOffice, Google Sheets as well.